Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I love craft swaps!

I am a member of a forum and I participate in the crafts swap that goes on there!
I thought this is where I would start my Charlimay blog!

My recipient this time around has just had a new baby boy, she already had one and she loved to knit so this is what I made for her!

For her 2 year old boy I made a crayon roll
The inspiration for this came from this blog

I had a bit of trouble with the ric rac but am sure I will perfect it in time!

I also made a singlet for her new little man!For the mad knitter that she is I made her a knitting needle holder. This is the first time I have made the needle holder and was quite happy with how it turned out.
I got the idea from a sewing book I have called The Crafter's Companion.


iRiS said...

awww I love the idea of the knitting needles roll thats so cool!

The ric rac looks great you did a great job!

Amanda said...

Rolls are soo the next big thing ;-)

~Elleni~ said...

You are so clever missy! :) xx

Bekky said...

And i did LOVE it! Although since Ande's arrival i'm yet to pull the knitting out again... But the roll is keeping G's mitts off them!

Garrett LOVES the crayon roll too. Although has decided to eat the crayons, so at the moment its confiscated.

Ande will soon fit his single tho... I swear my breastmilk has steroids for how quick my kids grow!

Bekky said...


Ande can fit into his singlet!!!!