Saturday, August 30, 2008

Inspired by wonderfully creative Sewers

I am surrounded by all these wonderful sewers and it is really hard not to be inspired by them.
People that create magical things from pieces of fabric. It amazes me how they can just make something so beautiful!

I decided to make a dress for Charlotte whilst I was being inspired by them!
I cheated a bit and bought the pre shirred material but it was so pretty and I couldn't go past it.

Unfortunately Charlotte is sick so there are no action shots at the moment but they will be coming!!


iRiS said...

its delightful kerry!
and the frilly sleeves are perfect!
well done I hope charlotte gets better soon Iris is just coming good after 4-5 weeks of the flu off and on and its horrid!

~Elleni~ said...

Gorgeous dress babe!

I can't wait to see Charlotte in it. I hope you and her are feeling better soon. xx

Bekky said...

Its just gorgeous! Hope Charlotte is feeling better soon hun!

~ Kim ~ said...

Oooh I love the fabric. Lovely dress. Well done on the shirring. It looks beautiful.